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Family disputes are difficult and painful. An attorney who answers your questions and gives you realistic advice can make it less difficult.
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We Are a Law Practice Passionate About Family Law in Idaho

A small firm that practices exclusively in family law. We do one thing and we make a point of doing it well.


Considering a divorce? Have you been served with divorce papers? What are the next steps — short term and long term? What’s fair and what are you entitled to under the law? Get answers and guidance from an attorney dedicated to and experienced in Idaho family law.

Child Orders

Child custody and support orders are important and can be very emotional. How much time should the children spend with each parent and what is child support supposed to cover? Getting knowledgeable advice and assistance can help you get what is best for your children and assure they will be fairly supported in the future.



Circumstances can change for you and your children and that may require a modification to an existing court order. Job location, schools, health and income changes can play a role in modifications that affect your child’s future. For advice, direction and modification actions, we can help.


Adoption has many different forms, including agency placement, stepparent and family, and adult member adoptions. Will you need a termination of the parental rights of a biological parent? We will help get the legal steps out of the way, so you can celebrate your new family.

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