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Legal Resources


The following links and websites are provided as a service to my clients and prospective clients, and contain a variety of views, opinions, and resources which may be of assistance to individuals facing family and legal challenges. My including a link here does not mean that I endorse ideas or advice that might be present on those websites. I have confidence that you, the reader, can evaluate the information available, and I hope that what is available here may be helpful to you.

General Resources

Self Rescue Manual (Boise Schools) – http://www.selfrescuemanual.com

Status Of A Legal Matter

Idaho Courts ROA – https://www.idcourts.us/repository/start.do


Free Assistance with Legal Matters

Idaho Volunteer Lawyer’s Program – https://isb.idaho.gov/ilf/ivlp/ivlp.html

Idaho Legal Aid – http://www.idaholegalaid.org/

Court Assistance Office and forms – http://www.courtselfhelp.idaho.gov/

Ada County – http://fourthjudicialcourt.idaho.gov/

Canyon County – http://www.canyonco.org/index.aspx


Domestic Violence and Abuse

Women’s & Children’s Alliance – http://www.wcaboise.org/

Child Protective Services, Idaho Department of Health & Welfare – http://healthandwelfare.idaho.gov/Children/AbuseNeglect

Valley Crisis Center – http://www.valleycrisiscenter.com/

FACES – https://adacounty.id.gov/faces/   

Police Department:

Ada County Sheriff – http://www.adasheriff.org/

Canyon County Sheriff – http://www.canyonco.org/Elected-Officials/Sheriff.aspx

Boise City Police – http://police.cityofboise.org/


Self Rescue Manual (Boise Schools) – http://www.selfrescuemanual.com

Idaho Psychological Association – http://www.idahopsych.org/

BPA Behavioral Health, LLP – http://www.bpahealth.com/

Casey, Inc. –  http://www.casey.org/

Community Outreach Service – http://www.cocofidaho.com/

Warm Springs Counseling Center – http://www.childrenshomesociety.com/warm-springs-counseling-center/services/

Parenting Classes

Boise Schools: Parent Education Classes – http://parent-education.school.boiseschools.org/modules/groups/integrated_home.phtml

Kids Services – http://www.kidsservices.net/home.aspx

Love and Logic Parenting Class – https://www.loveandlogic.com/

Child Support

Child Support Receipting; Idaho Department of Health & Welfare – http://www.healthandwelfare.idaho.gov/Children/ChildSupport/tabid/76/Default.aspx

Child Support Enforcement; Idaho Department of Health & Welfare – http://www.healthandwelfare.idaho.gov/Children/ChildSupport/tabid/76/Default.aspx


Homestudies For Adoptions

Idaho Youth Ranch – http://www.youthranch.org/programs/adoption-services

LDS Social Services – https://providentliving.org/lds-family-services?lang=eng 

Supervised Visitation And Exchanges

KIDS Services – http://www.kidsservices.net/home.aspx

Child Advocacy Services – Mail to: childadvocacy.patsy@gmail.com


Handbooks Available Free To Clients

Surviving Your Divorce and Beyond

What Your Children Need . . . Now!

Your Blended Family

The 50+ Divorce

Your Parenting Plan; A Client Manual

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