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The vast majority of family law cases filed are resolved by settlement without a trial. Trials are emotionally and financially expensive. If you have to go to trial, you deserve to have an attorney on your side who is experienced.

Andreason, et. al v. State of Oregon 1999
Roeschberger v. Roeschberger 2003
Smith v. City of Burley 2003
Andrews v. Frisby 2005
Cabrera v. Stuart 2005
In the Matter of K.D.T. 2006
Zumbrunnen v. Zumbrennen 2007
Tropf v. Tropf 2008
Gallagher v. Gallagher 2008
Jensen v. Jensen 2008
Gossett v. Iorga 2009
Aicher v. McCleaft 2009
Brady v. Rasmussen 2010
Milner v. Milner 2011
Mkoma v. Mohamad 2011
Strickland v. Strickland 2012
Kearny v. Munk 2012
Burke v. Burke 2012
In the Matter of LR 2014
Davies v. Davies 2014
Toth v. VanVliet 2015
McGrew v. McGrew 2015
Cannon v. Davidson 2015
Morgan v. Morgan 2015
Blackmon v. Blackmon 2015
Barragan v. Later 2015
Payton v. Reddy 2016
Noris v. McCormick 2016
In the Matters of A.T. 2016
In the Matters of Ross Braine 2016
In the Matters of Tanya Morehouse 2017
Riley v. Riley 2017

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